Discord bot made using Node JS. It is currently public and available to invite.
Custom web dashboard to manage the bot that allows customization per server.


Decided to create my own JS lib to connect to Discord.
HawkBot is now using it on ~1200 servers as of now!


Webhook service for unsupported webhooks in Discord. Supports GitLab, Codacy, BitBucket, and has a custom endpoint.
If you take a look at HawkBot or Dicksword.js, you can also see the server banner in an SVG that is much better than the default (plus it's a nice black and gray theme)!!
Powered by Node.js and Express

Private link shortening service, if you contact me on Discord and you are nice enough I'll give you a key!
Powered by Node.js and Express

Discord Theme (Contribution)

Helped write the new version of the theme, also reworked my original 2 column plugin it as well. It's a BeautifulDiscord theme that supports a background image.
There are directions on the repo to enable the plugins, I created the wideGuilds plugin as well as a lot of the rewrite.

OS.js (Contribution)

I just made a small change, it was to the file system emulator to add a few options like creating a new file and folder. OS.js is a pretty sweet project and is friendly towards first time contributors. I also made a small change to the terminal emulator, allowing you to choose a custom port to host the session.